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Fun Things About Your Ring

Did you know, According to Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Book of Etiquette, the ring should always be worn so that the insignia faces the wearer when his or her arm is outstretched for as long as the wearer is in school; upon graduation, the ring should be turned around so that the ring faces outward, signifying that the graduate has left school and has entered the world.

Now a fun thing to do with your ring is put it on your right hand ring finger so that the insignia faces the you when your arm is outstretched and find special people to take a turn in turning  the ring for a total of 17 times ( for the year that you are graduating which is 2017) leaving  the LAST turn for someone special to turn it for you on graduation day.  Then you will take the ring off and fip it to have it face towards the world to signify you are a graduate!







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