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T.E.A.C.H. Prom/Junior Ring Dance/Alumni Class Reunion

Update 8/10/2020
Thank you for your patience. Please find below how the refund process will go for prom tickets.
1. Tickets bought online through Eventbrite will be refunded today. If you do not receive that refund within the next 3-5 business days please let us know at teachprom@gmail.com
2. Checks that have not been deposited yet will be sent to the address on the check. If you need it sent to a different address please contact us immediately at teachprom@gmail.com
3. For all other tickets we have two options- A. *Our preferred method* if you have a Paypal account please email teachprom@gmail.com with name on tickets, ticket #s if you have them, where you bought them and the email associated with your Paypal account as soon as possible and a refund will be processed through there. B. If no Paypal please email teachprom@gmail.com with name on tickets, ticket #s if you have them, where you bought them and the address you would like your refund check mailed to. We would like to ask to have this information no later than 8/31/2020 to complete this refund process.
Any questions let us know. Again we are so sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment that we were not able to hold our 2020 prom. We are already working on plans for 2021 so please regularly check our site for updates.
T.E.A.C.H Prom Coordinators,
Teri Mustard and Melissa Caldwell 


Update 7/31/2020

It is with saddened hearts that we must announce the 2020 T.E.A.C.H Prom at Grand Affairs scheduled for today 7/31/2020 is cancelled. Grand Affairs has worked tirelessly to ensure safety precautions and been in communication with government officials especially since the governor’s briefing on 7/28/20 to continue with the prom as it was originally planned. However due to the recent involvement of the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health and the implementation of Executive Order 68 requirements the prom is not able to continue. Please help us get this information out as quickly as possible. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. We ask for grace and patience as we figure out the refund process and will post that information as soon as that is confirmed. Above all we are thankful for a Mighty God who we know remains in control of all things and continue to look to Him for our peace, comfort and guidance. Thank you


T.E.A.C.H Prom Coordinators

Melissa Caldwell

Teri Mustard      

Update 7/28/2020
Good afternoon. The governor's new mandate will NOT impact prom. The governor classifies Grand Affairs as part of the entertainment venues which means they can not have more than 50% occupancy based off of the fire code permits on file. All this to say that we were already working at numbers less than 50% to not have any issues so PROM IS ON!!!! Please do not forget to bring your completed T.E.A.C.H Communicable Disease Waiver (click here for the form TEACH COMMUNICABLE DISEASE WAIVER 2020), photo ID and ticket.  Also if you are 15 and do not have a photo ID you must bring your completed notarized age verification form (click here for the form Prom-Notary-Age14-2020).    
Update 7/24/2020
We wanted to share important information with everyone as we are a week away from prom. We are encouraging attendees and parents to regularly check this website and the T.E.A.C.H Facebook page to get any updates. Below you will find a list of precautions/safety measures Grand Affairs and the T.E.A.C.H board have implemented and are asking all attendees to comply with.
1. All attendees must complete the T.E.A.C.H Communicable Disease Waiver 2020 and bring it to prom along with their prom ticket and photo ID. Please click the following link to get to the form TEACH COMMUNICABLE DISEASE WAIVER 2020
2. Attendees will wear masks upon check in and entry into prom. Masks are not required while eating and exercising (dancing).
3. All attendees will have their temperature taken with a no touch thermometer before entry.
4. Sanitation stations will be throughout the Grand Affairs venue for attendees to use.
5. Food will be served by Grand Affairs staff at the different food stations and no longer buffet style.
6. Grand Affairs has limited the number of attendees we can have to accommodate being at 50% capacity and to allow for plenty of space. Ticket sales will stop at capacity so do not wait to get your ticket.
If you have any questions please email the prom coordinators at teachprom@gmail.com. 
Update 6/19/2020


We have set up our online ticket option. Please follow the below link to purchase your prom ticket.
Update 6/11/2020
Dear T.E.A.C.H families,
We hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for your patience as we maneuver through the governor's mandates and reopening phases. We have great news! Our prom will continue as planned for  Friday, July 31st. Grand Affairs has been graciously working with us and is excited about hosting this event for our young people. Please find below updated information on how we will continue with the event. 
  1. Ticket sales have resumed. Tickets may be purchased at Moore's Expressions 6070 Indian River Rd. Virginia Beach (store hours are Tuesday - Friday 12PM - 5PM). We are exploring an online ticket option and will post here once we have that confirmed. Ticket price will remain at $75.
  2. We will hold a voluntary dress check/ticket sale on Thursday, July 23, 2020 2PM - 5PM in the meeting/classroom (Suite 100) right around the corner from Moore's Expressions (6070 Indian River Road Virginia Beach). 
  3. All prom guidelines regarding eligibility and dress still apply. *Remember it will be the responsibility of the prom attendee, guest and parents/guardians to ensure dresses for the young ladies and attire for the young men meet the dress guidelines.* Guidelines can be viewed in full below. If you have any questions please attend the voluntary dress check on 7/23/20 or contact the prom coordinators.  
  4. Prom age guideline is revised to include youth that will be 15 by July 31, 2020
  5. If you purchased a ticket before 6/11/20 and unfortunately are unable to attend the 7/31/20 prom date, you must request a refund to the prom coordinators by 6/19/20. You can email your request to teachprom@gmail.com. 
The best avenues to stay informed about changes to prom are our website, http://teachhomeschool.com/prom/, and Facebook page, T.E.A.C.H (Tidewater Educators Association for Christian Homeschooling). Any questions let me know. The prom coordinators can also be reached by our contact information listed below:
Melissa Caldwell – (757) 822-4380
Teri Mustard – (757) 676-3811
Thank you for your patience. 
T.E.A.C.H Board of Directors    






 T.E.A.C.H Board of Directors is looking forward to serving our homeschool community with another great prom. Please make sure to check out prom eligibility and guidelines in the link below as there have been some changes for 2020. Any questions regarding prom please contact:


Melissa Caldwell, (757) 822-4380

Teri Mustard, (757) 676-3811

Dresses must conform to the Prom guidelines listed in detail through the link below. If dresses do not conform, attendees may be asked to leave or wear a Beach Breakers t-shirt for the duration of the Prom. *New this year* It will be the responsibility of the Prom attendee, guest and parents/guardians to ensure dresses meet the dress guidelines listed here. Two voluntary dress checks will be organized by the Prom committee for the convenience of the attendees. Ladies are encouraged to go to a dress check to make sure their dress conforms to the guidelines so that they will be allowed to go to the Prom.

****Prom Coordinators highly encourage any attendee that may have a question about her dress to come to one of the two scheduled dress checks. If unable to attend the dress checks, feel free to send clear and full view pictures of the dress to Mrs. Teri Mustard (757-676-3811) or Mrs. Melissa Caldwell (757-822-4380) and the Prom Coordinators will get back with you as soon as possible. For email inquiries, use this email: teachprom@gmail.com. Remember, if your dress fails to meet and maintain these guidelines during the prom, you will be required to purchase a Beach Breakers t-shirt ($10) to be worn over your dress.****



















Dress Length Definitions

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Dress Examples

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Double rings posters- 2020

Fun Things About Your Ring

Did you know, According to Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Book of Etiquette, the ring should always be worn so that the insignia faces the wearer when his or her arm is outstretched for as long as the wearer is in school; upon graduation, the ring should be turned around so that the ring faces outward, signifying that the graduate has left school and has entered the world.

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